Rescue Chopper

A real-time strategy game where the player has to survive for 20 minutes.

A game created for The Walking Dead game jam.


The Sandbox




Game Design
Narrative Design
World Building

Land Size


Anyone who has played Starcraft remembers the Terran mission where the player has to survive for 30 minutes until the dropship arrives. Our aim was to re-create that feeling of never-ending unease, where the player has to always defend the base.
The player has to make trade-offs with the limited resource- use it to recruit soldiers or build watchtowers. But you can't do both.
There is no healing. The player has to protect citizens or lose the game. All this while waves of walkers descend on the base.

Video Trailer

⸺ Game Design

One of the first resource gathering and building games in The Sandbox.

⸺ Narrative Design

We created a story about a survivor that has to leave his farmhouse and go to a nearby faction.

⸺ World Building

Just like The Walking Dead IP, we designed the world to be harsh with little resources.