3 Reasons We're Bullish on The Sandbox Metaverse

We always get asked by clients what we think about The Sandbox vs other metaverses such as Decentraland and CryptoVoxels.

Sandbox vs Others

We always say we like The Sandbox more, for the following reasons:

Team's track record

Combination of Roblox & Minecraft 

Brands want experiences, not just buildings

They have published many games, including well-known IPs such as Garfield, Goosebumps, Adams Family and Peanuts. 

Social Hub

Track Record

But their most popular game is The Sandbox, which allows players to create their own content and mini-games that can be published in a gallery for other players to see.

Social Hub

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a combination of both Roblox and Minecraft, which makes it attractive to builders, artists and game designers.

Roblox & Minecraft

Brands are creating interactive experiences inside games in order to sell their products to a younger demographic. 

Branded Experiences

The goal is to buy mindshare so that when players grow up and have disposable income, they will remember the brand.


By out estimate, it would cost a brand around $500k to build an interactive world inside DCL and CryptoVoxels including buying the land, but only $50k in The Sandbox.

In the future, there will be hundreds of metaverses (virtual realities), just like there are hundreds of social media sites today.

The Multiverse

People will use different metaverses for different purposes, just like we use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for different things now.


We help brands advertise in the metaverse by creating fun game experiences.