4 Ideas To Create Brand Exposure In The Sandbox Metaverse

The question of "what do we build" is often asked by companies looking for a way to create brand exposure in The Sandbox.

What To Build

Social hubs originated in Minecraft and is like the company's website or social media pages.

1. Social Hub

It gives the player a first impression of the brand. For influencers, it could be their virtual residence.

This game experience involves solve puzzles only. A lot of brands are family friendly and want to stay away from any illusion of violence.

Social Hub

2. Zelda-ish Game

This game experience works great for intellectual properties like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, etc. Here, levels are being laid out on a Sandbox LAND.

This game is where players have to go on different mini-quests to collect items that is used to craft a final product. Minecraft is a great example of a collect & craft type of game

Social Hub

3. Collect & Craft

Nike, for example could create a collect and craft game where the final product is the Air Jordan 1 shoe.

A 3D trivia maze game that could be used for educational purposes. For example, a financial services company could educate its user base about how money and crypto work.

Social Hub

4. Trivia Maze

The game combines interesting facts with beautiful set design, and works well if the questions are themed around a specific topic. The above is Microsoft Encarta's Mind Maze.

Social Hub


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