Companies To Track (2023)

7 GameFi


For this list, we looked at GameFi companies that have the potential to onboard the next 100 million people onto crypto through gaming.

Gala Games is partnering with major IPs such as The Walking Dead to bring blockchain games to the masses.

Gala Games

Ignoring the weirdness of the NFTs that were launched, the founder of Limit Break previously founded Machine Zone. They are responsible for making us remember those mobile game ads with Mariah Carey and Kate Upton.

Limit Break

Part Roblox and part Minecraft, The Sandbox enables creators to build amazing worlds, games, and game assets. They've also onboarded hundreds of brands such as Atari, and Snoop Dogg.

The Sandbox

A fantasy sports game with NFTs that started with just soccer. SoRare added an additional 500k players during the World Cup. Just wait til they sign up the NFL.


A virtual pet game is probably the one game that can reach a massive audience. It's very easy for a player to get into.


On the other end of the gaming spectrum catering to strategy players is Illuvium, which plays like Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. 


Finally, Axie Infinity is one to track as they kicked off the whole Play2Earn movement. They have many updates planned on their roadmap. Can they pull off magic a second time?

Axie Infinity


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