Addicted To Monopoly GO!? Here's Why.

1. Earn money by going around the board

Simple Game Loop

2. Upgrade landmarks

3. Buy houses

4. Take money from players

5. Repeat

It's super easy to understand.

It seems like something new and fresh happens every time I play. Each new board makes the game feel new, which gives a sense of discovery.

Fresh Content Daily

One such event is where the player gets rewarded when they land on the Free Parking Space, one of many player-created rules from the classic board game.

Limited Time Events

Players can knock down each other landmarks. As players progress in the game, the cost of having a landmark knocked down is extremely costly. It makes you want to play everyday to protect your investment!

Loss Aversion

The different interactions like ability to trade stickers make Monopoly Go feel more like a tool used stay in touch with friends rather than just a game you play to relax.

Player Interactions

The branding of Monopoly contributed to me playing the game everyday, although not as much as the other factors.

Brand Stickiness

Monopoly Go is a well-crafted, extremely addicting game that reimagines the classic board game. Play it at your own risk!



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