Developing Game In The Sandbox In 2 Weeks

The Sandbox Game Jam — Beast Quest was a competition with a prize fund of 100,000 $SAND to reward the creators

Sandbox Game Jam

Tentango's game, "Holy King's Sword" placed within the top 10 of all submissions for the beast quest game jam.

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Holy King's Sword

Get inspired by good games instead of starting from scratch


Find mechanics you already like from good games

Understand the essence of the IP and incorporate it into the game

Leverage someone else’s expertise and focus on your strengths

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The team saw that there were many 3rd person RPG-styled games in previous Sandbox game jams and wanted to create something different to stand out.

Not Another RPG

The first game they thought of was Archero, a successful mobile game where the player is in control of an archer slaying monsters.

Archero Inspiration

One limitation of Game Maker is that a projectile attack system isn’t developed yet, but characters can easily avoid obstacles. This prompted the team to pivot towards a level-based puzzle game inspired by “Lara Croft Go”.

Lara Croft Go

The key essence of the Beast Quest IP is to go on a quest which inspired us to work on our storytelling muscle and introduce a story for the game.

Essence of The IP

Within the first 2 days, we figured out what each level map would look like. Then, they moved on to brainstorm and test different puzzle mechanics such as arrow projectile traps and a bomb that blows up a section of the wall.

We hired a level designer on UpWork to design levels on a spreadsheet. That worked out really well.

The key to the success in this Game Jam was due diligence done on IP, planning and Sandbox building expertise.


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