From Streetwear X Gamers to Gamer Girls: Exploring Gen Z Gaming Subcultures

91% of Gen Z believes there is no longer any mainstream pop culture, according to a study by Horizon Media.

Gen Z

To reach Gen Z, brands must focus on niche communities. Gen Z's gaming subculture has an estimated audience size of 14.3M.

Gaming Subculture

The Streetwear X Gamers blend e-sports, fashion and entertainment to challenge the status quo. Influencers in this space include the likes of FaZe Clan, TSM, Cloud9 and more.

Streetwear X Gamers

Gamer Girls are empowered to break down gender stereotypes through their interests in anime and online gaming. Popular influencers among them include Pokimane and SSSniperwolf. 

Gamer Girls

There's one more subculture we think should be on the list- builders. Builders inhabit the world of Minecraft by creating digital builds for fun, garnering hundreds of thousands or even millions of views on YouTube.



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