How Many Users Are There Actually in Decentraland?

It all started with this tweet saying DCL has 30 active users, later changed to 400.


It was further amplified by several news outlets. This number was measured by DappRadar. However, it only measures contract interactions.

A large part of the Decentraland experience is off-chain, so DappRadar isn't measuring daily active users accurately. But DCL Metrics does. So what are those  ~7000 daily users doing?

Real DAU Stats

As it turns out, almost all the users in Decentraland or DCL are playing poker.

Ice Ice Poker

Outside of the poker experience, there isn't much going on. There is however, a menu that curates the best experiences for players to hop into.

Experience Menu

While 7000 daily active users might seem small compared to many Web 2 platforms, it's still very early. They've also found product-market fit with a niche audience.