Lessons from Chex Quest: Creating a Successful Branded Game

Chex Quest was a successful marketing campaign that resulted in 6 million cereal boxes sold in 6 weeks and a 248% increase in sales.

The Numbers

Kids wanted to play a first-person shooter game like Doom which was a mega-hit at the time (mid 90's). Today, that hit might be a hypercasual game.

1. Focus On Audience

Utilizing game engines instead of creating from scratch can save time and ensure quality assurance testing is done. This is precisely what the Chex team did.

2. Find A Shortcut

The team mentioned they hired a 17-year old hacker instead of a professional.

3. Find Hustle

Putting CDs inside cereal boxes was like putting CDs filled with demo games inside popular computer magazines. That was the cultural norm at the time.

4. Cultural Norms

Players played Chex Quest for hours creating a highly positive sentiment with the Chex brand and its line of products.

5. Engagement KPI

These notes were taken from the Chex Quest documentary. Watch it for yourself to learn more.

The Documentary


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