The "open vs closed" debate is a polemic argument between proponents of the Metaverse.

Open VS Closed Metaverses

An open Metaverse is one where users can build assets and transfer them between different platforms; open metaverse platforms include The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Open Metaverse

Advocates for an open Metaverse believe that leaving its development to a single entity would hand too much power to the entity and leave open the possibility of the Metaverse becoming a dystopian nightmare.

Like the Oasis in Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One.

A closed Metaverse is one where Metaverses are separated and assets in one world cannot be carried over into another; they are often referred to as walled gardens.

Closed Metaverse

The most well known supporter of a closed Metaverse is probably Apple.

The benefits of a closed Metaverse include: a more controlled and in theory safer environment, a more immersive experience, and faster iteration.

The open Metaverse is what most science fiction writers originally envisioned when they wrote about it and what most companies are trying to build today.

Mark Zuckerburg has probably done more than anyone else to bring the concept of The Metaverse into the public eye.

But he said on record that he sees it as another way for Meta to make money from users and that it will take a 47.5% cut of sales on the platform.


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