Perspective Of The Metaverse Around The World

The Metaverse is the next stage in the development of the internet, and countries are looking to enter this space in order to take advantage of its many benefits.

These benefits include economic growth, improved worker education, and increased citizen engagement.

Metaverse Benefits

Many countries have already begun developing projects in the Metaverse, including Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Barbados.

Singapore has made a computer version of the city to help people see what the city will look like in the future.


Saudi Arabia has done something similar for its futuristic “linear city” of Neom to allow people to experience it before it’s even finished.

Saudi Arabia

Barbados opened an embassy in Decentraland at the start of 2022, and became the first country to do so.


China has announced its Digital Silk Road initiative, which is worth $200 billion. Some worry that it could allow China to control the backbone of the internet.


The potential impact of the Metaverse is largely unpredictable but has the potential to revolutionize diplomacy, city planning, and public engagement.

Looking Ahead


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