Reigns - The Mobile Game that Needs More Spinoffs

Reigns is a mobile game that has been around since 2016. It's a game about making choices and dealing with the consequences. It's got dark humor and endless replayability.

Reigns Rules

Reigns has already inspired a few spin-offs, including Game of Thrones and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


The Walking Dead is another IP that would fit perfectly with Reigns. The essence of the brand is "choose between two terrible choices", which is exactly what Reigns is all about.

The Walking Dead?

Celebrities and influencers are another potential IP that could be integrated with Reigns. For example, a game about Kim Kardashian where players make decisions on her behalf.


While an integration with Reigns might not make sense for a celebrity with a big following, it could be a great opportunity for a smaller influencer who hasn't made a mobile game yet.

Revenue Potential

With its endless possibilities for brand integrations, Reigns has the potential to become even more popular than it already is. Who knows what IP or celebrity could be next?

Endless Potential


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