Scenario and The Sandbox Announce Partnership

Scenario and The Sandbox have recently joined forces to develop AI-generated voxel assets, providing a much needed solution for game creators.

AI Generated Voxels

People have already been taking advantage of Scenario.GG, which can easily generate 2D art assets, saving up to one third of the cost usually spent on creating game assets.

Generating 2D Assets

Even with the creation of small games still costing an approximate of $15k, users will be able to save $5k through the utilization of this platform.

Game Dev Savings

Match-3 games are just one type of game that could take great benefit from this software. 

Match-3 Games

Although a PNG is generated by Scenario, what is really needed is in The Sandbox is the voxel source file in order to get the most out of it.

Asset File Output

The partnership enables a future in which metaverse creators are able to visualize their dream creation and then make it happen with minimal effort.



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