Is The New Starbucks NFT Worth $100?

It's great to see them experimenting with NFT technology and it's only going to encourage other brands to follow suit. 

More Brands To Come

At $100, it might feel a bit steep, especially since you don't even get coffee!

Worth $100?

Buyers do get 1500 bonus points that will level up their Odyssey account and give you access to some pretty cool rewards, like a trip to their Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica.

1500 Bonus Points

But there's no guarantee of a trip based on X amount of points. As a result, this makes the NFT pretty speculative. 


In contrast, each VeeFriends Series 1 NFT famously included entrance to 3 future conferences, which we now know them as VeeCon. 

VeeFriends Comp

Are the Odyssey points accruing on-chain or off-chain? If it's on-chain then we know that holders can benefit from long term appreciation as well as receiving direct rewards from Starbucks for being loyal customers (in form of airdrops perhaps). 

NFT or In Name Only?

But if these points are instead accruing off-chain then sadly it won't have much additional value beyond what has been paid for it initially.

In Name Only


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