The Metaverse can be described as an online platform where people come to create their own virtual worlds and games, much like Roblox.

1. It's like Roblox

The Metaverse is the eBay of the digital world. Trade digital collectibles with the same ease as you’d buy something off eBay. 

2. It's like eBay

The Metaverse is a virtual world that acts like its own economy with individual states, laws and a reserve currency.

3. Like its own country

The Metaverse will redefine how we approach media and entertainment by giving us access to hundreds of immersive experiences, similar to Netflix.

4. Like having Netflix

In The Metaverse, practically anything and everything will be possible. It’s a world where everyone can become an inventor, produce their own NFTs, and generate perpetual royalties from their creations as a result of smart contracts.

5. Everyone is an inventor

The OASIS is a good example of what The Metaverse could potentially look like. It’ll offer immersive experiences and will always be on, especially if these virtual worlds are built on the blockchain.

6. Like Oasis in Ready Player One

According to a Credit Suisse report, The Metaverse is the next step in the evolution of the internet, except that it’s more immersive and compelling.

7. A better version of the internet

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