Web 3 Game Marketing Goes Token: Incentivized Rewards Ahead

Acquiring users for a game is expensive, especially in Web 2.0 where an install can cost between $5-10. A game can easily have million dollar budget each month. 

Acquiring Users

Web 3 user acquisition can be 1/10 or even 1/100 of the web 2.0 equivalent cost.  Let's see how.

But In Web 3

In web 2.0, incentivized installs involve users being rewarded for trying another game by taking specific actions like watching a video about the Game, installing and opening the Game, playing until level 15 or joining an alliance. 

Incentivized Installs

The reward and cost depend on the action taken by the player; smaller rewards will reflect small engagement while larger rewards reflect deeper engagement that could lead to revenue. 

Reward Economy

The Sandbox's Alpha Season rewards are similar to incentivized installs; they acquire and reward players that spend time playing on their platform with $SAND tokens which can then be exchanged for real money. 

The Sandbox

At launch, the value of one $SAND token was less than $0.01. if 1.5M tokens were rewarded in Alpha Season 3 and they are currently valued at $0.57, did they spend $855,000 or just $15,000?

Here's The Twist

This type of user acquisition works if there is a direct dollar value to players, who need to complete deep engagement events that lead to revenue, and if the token is liquid so it can be easily converted into fiat currency.

Why It Works

We’re only scratching the surface of web 3 marketing. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future. Get ready to get your play on.



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