Will The Crazy Taxi Reboot Feature NEW Brand Placements?

Crazy Taxi is getting a reboot Could we see the original brands Pizza Hut, KFC, Tower Records, FILA and Levis back in the game?

Crazy Taxi Reboot

What made the brands fit so well into the game could undoubtably be their distinct store exteriors.

Brand Integration

The distinct store exteriors made them easy to find for players when they're "crazily" driving their taxi.

Destination Ahead

The brands had a solid 11-year run between 1999 and 2010 before they were removed from the game.

10-Year Run

But the modding community on Steam added the original brands BACK into the game in 2021. In this case, the brands were a feature, not a bug.

But They're Back

So what brands could we see in the Crazy Taxi reboot if they choose to have them? Probably ones that are easy to spot when driving, meaning they would have distinct exteriors.

Looking Ahead


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