The Deera Forest Sanctuary is a place of nature. It is an environment where people can escape the hustle of reality and find tranquillity. It’s also a place of conservation and awareness of the highly endangered Baewan Deer.

It is estimated that only 250 of these creatures remain within their natural habitat and DeeraNFT is doing their part to make the world aware of that.

The Baewan deer within the Deera Forest Sanctuary

About The Build

Let’s talk about DeeraNFT’s vision for this sanctuary and what features you could expect whilst exploring this natural wonderland.

The Deera Forest Sanctuary contains three unique levels for those to explore.

  • Top Level: This area is meant to showcase the beauty of nature in very minimalistic yet effective ways. Highlighting the core elements of nature; water, earth and life. This is also the social hub of the build.
  • Middle Level: Within this level resides a forest full of divine energy. It boasts a mystical world which acts as the home of the Baewan Deer.
  • Subterranean Level: Experience a spooky yet magical world full of secrets and wonder. Who knows what you may uncover…

The player’s experience of this world will be top-down. Players will explore the tallest peaks before descending to the depths below. There is a way back up but we’ll leave that for you to find out how…

For this build, we used the entirety of a 1×1 Sandbox Metaverse plot leaving no space open. All the way up. All the way down.

Details are extremely important to us and so we always plan out our builds before we turn them into a reality. It helps us, and our clients, truly fall in love with our designs and ensure we create content closest to their hearts.

Top Level — Concept Art

Working on a project steeped in nature has allowed us to understand, truly, the beauty that comes with the natural world.

It can be so easy to get lost in an ever-changing technological age that sometimes stepping back from it all can be the greatest favour.

That’s what DeeraNFT wants us all to understand. The power and beauty of the natural world.

Design Constraints

Within creative work, there are always pieces of the puzzle that don’t quite fit into place. It’s up to us to weave them into play.

This build was particularly exciting due to the wealth of hidden content that DeeraNFT has put in place for its collectors to explore. For example, players can access the levels below them but can’t get back up until they find a hidden area at the subterranean level.

No matter what secrets you try and find we can assure you that there’ll be plenty to uncover…

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