Bubblegum Land

Multiplayer experience for the Bubblegum Kids NFT community.

A family-friendly town inspired by Candy Land and Willy Wonka.


The Sandbox




World Building
Asset Creation
Concept Design

Land Size


The design criteria for this experience was "what would a 6-year old kid would want to see in his dream world."
In this map, there's main castle, a chocolate fountain, a Gingerbread Village, a parkour course, and a maze.
The castle is multi-functional. It's a NFT gallery, a residence with rooms for community members, and a meeting area for the high council.
In the candy factory, we simulated having candy being "printed" from a machine, which then gets transported on a conveyor belt to storages.
The world of Bubblegum Land is rich and colorful.

⸺ Concept Design

Each area of the map was first conceptualized to ensure it fits the overall theme.

⸺ World Building

We created a world that rich and colorful, something a kid would want to visit over and over again.

⸺ Asset Creation

Approximately 50 assets were created for this multiplayer experience.