There’s already a lot you can create within The Sandbox Metaverse.

The LAND grab in the Sandbox Metaverse has begun.

But the panning for gold has just started and there are still ample opportunities for creators and game designers to create games / experiences in The Sandbox Metaverse. We look at 10 different ideas that can be created right now, even before the Sandbox Gamemaker is fully released to the public.

It’s our aim that these ideas inspire you to build something on your LAND.

1. Frogger

In this video, shows how he created a simple Frogger game using the Gamemaker. The  important thing is to set the camera view to top-down when the game starts.

2. Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads became the hit modern version of Frogger. The game mechanics were almost identical. The game was monetized with cute characters that players can either buy directly or by spending coins they earn while playing.

In August 2018, it celebrated crossing the 200 million downloads mark.

3. 2D Platformer

Super Meat Boy

There have been many 2D platform games that have found success on Steam. Super Meat Boy is one example of it, where it is mainly a timing and objective avoidance game. The level design, however is superb.

4. Physics-Based Puzzle Games

Phases / Color Switch

This category of games have huge potential because it’s accessible to everyone. Block Quest recently came in 10th in the Glitch Game Jam but looks like the one that has the broadest appeal in terms of reaching all ages and demographics.

It reminds us of two mobile games, Phases and Color Switch which dominated mobile games in the last few years. What we love about these type of games is the minimal assets. The creator can focus entirely on level design.

Both were also built using a game engine, called Buildbox. Color Switch also has crossed the 200 million download mark.

5. Trivia Games again shows us what’s possible with the Game Maker by recreating Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

6. Racing Games

Fan of Gran Turismo? Yes, you could even build that in The Sandbox using Gamemaker as shown in this video by MiNiL.

7. Soccer Game

We’ve seen multiple creators creating a soccer game in the Sandbox. All the mechanics are there. With multiplayer releasing soon, this could be a very compelling gaming experience.

8. 1st Person Exploration Games

Gone Home is a first-person exploration game with one catch. There are no guns and no people. It was first released in 2013 and won Polygon’s Game of the Year. This is exactly the type of game that would work well in The Sandbox. It allows for well-design environments, and custom voxel assets. The only thing missing is the compelling storyline.

9. NFT Galleries

Let’s say you have a ton of NFTs you want to flex. How do you do it? The best way would be to build your own NFT museum and invite all your friends to come visit. In an upcoming release, Sandbox will be releasing NFT gallery templates so land owners can just add it to their land.

But if you want to stand out, you’ll probably want to build your own.

10. Social Hubs

Social hubs originated from Minecraft where players would build very elaborate meeting places when they spawn in a custom server. Those custom spawn points ended up being where all the players met to socialize.

The social hubs concept in The Sandbox is very similar. Each LAND will have its own spawn point and will thus become a social hub for a lot of players.

BONUS Build Ideas

Multiplayer PvP Arena


This can’t implemented yet, but many creators are already designing the maps for them. The Sandbox team have previously said multiplayer will be releasing very soon in addition to showing teaser videos of it in action.

They have also said adding a projectile system was one of their main priorities. Those two things seem to indicate that the community wants to make PvP shooting games.

Side Scrolling Shooters

Contra 3

Again, this is not possible yet because there is not projectile system in the Sandbox. But building a Contra-style game is very much possible once that’s implemented. Creators can prepare by thinking about the level design now.

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