As builders in the metaverse, we understand that the limits of the metaverse are only bound by our own imagination.

Tentango is a build team consisting of diverse backgrounds ranging from game design, product development and digital marketing. The process of creating an experience or game in the Sandbox metaverse requires passion, creativity and a wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.

Here’s our detailed design & build process

  1. Requirements gathering

  2. Reference image gathering

  3. Concept design

  4. Prototyping

  5. Build

Requirements Gathering Phase

Active listening: Everyone is a contributor to the metaverse and we enjoy the process of listening and understanding the requirements of the client. We do this by letting the client pour out their ideas, vision and goals with their LAND.

Asking the right questions: This is a part of active listening where we give priority to our customers and ask the right questions in order to understand their point of view completely.

  • Is this going to be a game? If so, what are some similar games you can point to?
  • Is there a specification document that they have started already?
  • How should players feel when they are in the experience?

Through this process, we will be able to create our own internal specification document.

Reference Image Gathering Phase

Our main goal with this phase is to gather enough data points so that we can understand what the client genuinely likes.

For example, we would show them some reference images and ask if it has any similar concepts with the build they desire. Minecraft is the closest reference to the Sandbox Metaverse. Therefore, we use Minecraft builds as reference images to get an idea on how the build will look.

Here are the reference images that we used to create a Sandbox Castle which will be shown at the end of the article.

Reference image for the exterior of a castle build
Reference image for the interior of a castle build

Concept Design Phase

The first 2 phases lay out a solid foundation to understanding the different build features.

This phase starts off with pencil sketches which later evolves into colored sketches.

The concept sketches give us an idea of how the surrounding areas would present. This helps us define what custom assets and blocks will be needed to create a final build that exceeds expectations.

Essentially, the concept design phase enables us to display the different build features that we gathered from reference images onto one page.

This phase includes brainstorming and coming up with innovative ideas using the reference points we have gathered.

Concept design for an upcoming build

Prototype Phase

The prototype phase is where we take the hand-drawn concept designs and create small sections of the build to see how it would work. Then, a map layout will be done to see how the build would fit on the LAND. We’ll also identify the block palettes that are required for the build.

Layout for a castle on a 1×1 LAND

The prototype phase could be an iterative process as we will aim to generate some quick versions of the build to receive feedback. The feedback will then be used to improve the build further and solve potential issues.

Prototyping what potential block palettes would look like for the build

Build Phase

By this phase, our team has created or gathered the following:

  • Specification documents
  • Reference images
  • Concept designs
  • Build layout

This is where the builder creates the build using GameMaker which is software developed by The Sandbox Game. The build phase tends to be the longest phase as a result of adjustments and edits.

The build progress is communicated with the client at least once a week so that we can receive feedback and make adjustments if necessary. As the project progresses, the regular discussions help us refine and keep adding value to the build.

Here’s the final build that is a result of our creative process.

Final Build

The demand for virtual land in the metaverse has been extraordinary over the last few weeks. As more LAND owners join the ecosystem, our goal is to inspire and help their imaginations come to life with their LAND

We will conclude our design process by leaving you with some build ideas for the Sandbox metaverse.

Let’s BUIDL.

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