We help brands connect with their audience by creating unforgettable game experiences. We are a multi-talented team of Minecraft builders, voxel artists, game designers, and digital marketers. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of creators to build even greater things.


Have a story to tell? Let us help strategize the most immersive game experience to match your vision. We’ll craft an entirely new way for your brand to connect with your audience.

World Building

We architect worlds characterized by your brand’s creative details, whether historically rooted or touching on brand new fantasies.

Game Design

We specialize in crafting game experiences that bring fun to users across different genres by leveraging our mobile game design experience.


Prior to starting Tentango, Jack managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets for a top mobile games publisher. He also created 10+ mobile games, designing the game mechanics as well as marketing them. His first game was a top trivia game that was sold to a public company. He also created another game with his friends that received over 11 million downloads and received Google Play’s Editor’s Choice Award. Learn more about him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackzliu/

Jack Liu